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Can You interested in writing about the music/Entertainment industry? You want to share our ideas, stories, opinions, and advice on Get new Lyrics. We accept free-of-cost guest posting with dofollow backlink. we accept entertainment from music movies celebrities and lyrics only.

We Provide opportunities for the writers If they have deep knowledge. whether in general or subject-specific to collaborate within our goal to inform, educate, and engage music creators and music lovers.

Our music blog writers can contribute

  • Music reviews (singles, EPs, albums)
  • Music features – EG The best music I’ve heard this week
  • Artist interviews
  • Live music reviews (we accept only positive reviews)
  • Entertainment about Music And Movies


We Accept quality content not plagiarised or published in any other plate form. after publishing on this site you can publish on other platforms.

What We Publish:

We publish articles of anywhere between 250–and 2,500 words, depending on subject matter and complexity. The average article is about 1,200 words. Articles range from casual to rigorously structured in tone and content. Here is a quick breakdown:

  • Discussional: 
  • Short-length (250 – 300 words) discussion-type articles aimed at triggering conversation and engagement with readers.
  • Inspirational: 
  • Short length (300 – 600 words), but well written, “inspiring” article that readers would want to share on social media.
  • Journalistic: 
  • Medium length (600 – 1,250 words) middle ground article with a goal to solve readers’ problems or inform them about something important.
  • Authoritative: 
  • Long length (at least 2,450 words) heavily researched, SEO-friendly article on a topic that the audience is actually searching for.

Please an email providing your article and a picture related to your article. [email protected] along with any questions or concerns that you may have.